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Thank you if you voted me in the Police and Crime Commissioner election on Thursday 5th May.
In the first round I achieved 35.33 per cent of the votes cast and the Tory polled 36.67 per cent. I have been honoured to be the Bedfordshire Police Commissioner for the past three and a half years and I will my successor all the best in this role.

In Bedfordshire our police have to work harder with fewer officers due to government under-funding and cuts. As a result our level of burglary, robbery and vehicle crime per police officer is the highest of the 43 police forces in England and Wales*. The overall impact of this situation is a county that is distinctly under-policed by comparison with elsewhere in the country. If we lived in any other part of the country with the policing challenges we have here in Bedfordshire our police would be better funded and we would have a far greater number of officers to protect us and fight crime.

This is a gross injustice both to the taxpayers of Bedfordshire and to our committed police officers and staff. The Chief Constable’s advice is that we need at least 300 extra police officers to reach an adequate level. My commitment is that I will not rest until this scandalous situation is remedied.
*2014/15 performance year

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